Youth Program

Owners, Darin Roche and Sheva Solomon believe that every child needs to have a good start nutritionally to their day and to have access to nutritious food during the day. They have created the Authentic Ginger Youth EAT program. The Authentic Ginger Youth EAT program is funded by the sales of our youth T-Shirts. For every youth/kids T-Shirt sold, 50% of the profits will go to a deserving school within Canada and the United States to be gifted to their schools’ food program. 


We know that redheads have a long history of being bullied on a global scale. As bullying generally starts in schools, we wanted to create a program that hits the schools as a whole and without singling out redheads within these schools, we decided to make sure our program is inclusive to "all youth" to ensure that they have food in their tummies so that they can focus on their academics without feeling hungry. We will select schools on a random basis, notify the school and virtually present a cheque to that school. 


Along with having a donation opportunity on this website, the goal is to ensure youth children have a full belly during the day!  


Darin and Sheva are no strangers to this kind of work. The two (who are musicians) have created several music events over the years to help support deserving organizations. They are putting that experience to work with the Authentic Ginger Youth EAT program.