Collaboration with Phreckle$

Just off the release of her debut album "Out The Cocoon", Phreckle$ brings an element to a what we are calling a new, fresh approach to rap music, writing deep from emotions and personal experiences, Phreckle$ speaks in truth. 


The Collaboration

Order an exclusive, very limited edition T-shirt co-created by Authentic Ginger and Amanda Smith a.k.a "Phreckle$" @iamphreckle$. We are only releasing 30 T-shirts, so be sure to grab one while you can!

Just off the release of her debut album "Out the Cocoon" Amanda Smith a.k.a. "Phreckle$" is a musician, model, and actor in Hollywood, California.

Our collaboration with Amanda started in 2020 upon stumbling across her instagram profile. What caught our eye with Amanda is how she speaks in truth. We asked Amanda as part of our Authentic Stories project to write us her story about growing up as a redhead. Her story was compelling, emotional yet inspiring. We continued our conversation about wanting to collaborate with her on her first record, to provide the very first piece of merchandise for "Out The Cocoon" her debut album.

The design had to share in the truths she speaks, our designers were up to the task of creating an image that was meaningful, that had deeper meaning.  What better way to capture this than filling her album image with lyrics from her title track, "Because of You"

"I know life is hard sometimes, but it doesn’t stay that way.." Amanda Smith

The T-Shirt is a limited edition which means that we will only be printing 30 pieces. So in order to get one, be sure to act quickly!

@iamphreckle$ on instagram


Influencer Collaborative Initiative

Here at Authentic Ginger, we want to take a standard influencer campaign and turn it upside down. Our mission is to share our values of exposing the rarity and uniqueness of being a redhead in the world, while offering inspiration and driving empowerment to the redhead culture with our carefully curated collaborators and influencers.

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