Collaboration with Phreckle$

Just off the release of her debut album "Out The Cocoon", Phreckle$ brings an element to a what we are calling a new, fresh approach to rap music, writing deep from emotions and personal experiences, Phreckle$ speaks in truth. 


The Collaboration

Order an exclusive, very limited edition T-shirt co-created by Authentic Ginger and Amanda Smith a.k.a "Phreckle$" @iamphreckle$. We are only releasing 30 T-shirts, so be sure to grab one while you can!

Phreckle$ Album Tee
Phreckle$ Album Tee

Phreckle$ Album Tee


Phreckle$ found her love for music at an early age. She started playing trumpet at 9 years old in her school’s band, and excelled at it so much that by age 12 she performed in Carnegie Hall with the best instrumentalists in her school. By age 13, she started going to punk shows, and ended up playing bass in 4 different punk bands in her teen years.

After being introduced to rap by her brother and a close friend, a new lifestyle and young star 🌟 was born ; punk turned hip hop. Music was always an escape for Phreckle$ and helped her through experiencing bullying for having freckles. Through music, she found better ways to express her feelings, inner pain, and a stronger positive outlet.  At 16, she found herself in an abusive relationship, and at 19 she was pregnant with a child from the  relationship. Her daughter, who she named Khali, gave her the strength to leave that relationship and perseverance to fight for the best life possible for them. When Khali was 3 years old, after being turned down by the first 7 modeling agencies she went to, Phreckle$ signed her first modeling contract.

Working in fashion under her legal name Amanda Smith, Phreckle$ very quickly became a successful, internationally signed, fearless fashion model, working with top photographers, huge fashion brands, and magazines worldwide. At this time, music was pushed to the side, but was still her main passion, so as she traveled the world for modeling, she networked, created more music, and performed wherever she could. As alcoholism and addiction run rampant in the entertainment industry, Phreckle$ struggled, and decided she had to get sober or lose it all. It took a few attempts but Phreckle$ has been sober since October 22 2015 and has been a huge advocate for sobriety in the recovery community.

Phreckle$ overcame Bullying, Addiction and Domestic violence and speaks openly about her struggles with all of these things in her music because she wants to use her story to help others like her, and bring hope to those struggling. In 2021, she founded her own non-profit to further her goal in service to others:”Bullying, Addiction, and Domestic Violence Association,” AKA BADASS (

You can follow Phreckle$ on Instagram @iamphreckles & @realamandasmith if you want to keep up with all of the projects she is working on!

@iamphreckle$ on instagram

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Here at Authentic Ginger, we want to take a standard influencer campaign and turn it upside down. Our mission is to share our values of exposing the rarity and uniqueness of being a redhead in the world, while offering inspiration and driving empowerment to the redhead culture with our carefully curated collaborators and influencers.

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