Collaboration with Owen Janes

Owen Janes brings class, professionalism, energy, and a vision to reduce the stigma associated with being a redhead.


The Collaboration

Pre-order an exclusive, very limited edition T-shirt co-created by Authentic Ginger and your favourite bearded redhead @owen_janes. We are only releasing 30 T-shirts, so be sure to grab one while you can!

Be Weird, Be Happy, Be You
Be Weird, Be Happy, Be You

Be Weird, Be Happy, Be You


It all started when I read, "Long Ginger Curly Hair & Beard" on Owen's instagram account description back in February.

From that moment, I knew that I wanted the opportunity to work with Owen since he checked all the boxes that we would ever want in an ambassador!

Through several conversations over instagram and email, it became very clear that Owen's vision and stance on the redhead culture aligned with ours, which is to inspire, empower, and to create a sense of belonging to those who suffer from being bullied and made fun of.

Our designer, Bee (Bee Stanton Creative), and through our collaboration with Owen, came up with a design that we feel aligns with our mutual vision, and also represents a vintage vibe with a meaningful statement that is sure to connect with people from around the globe. 

The T-Shirt is a limited edition which means that we will only be printing 30 pieces. So in order to get one, be sure to act quickly!

We are releasing this shirt as a pre-order for 30 days only.  Shipping of your shirt will begin later in June.

@owen_janes on instagram
owen.oj on TikTok


Influencer Collaborative Initiative

Here at Authentic Ginger, we want to take a standard influencer campaign and turn it upside down. Our mission is to share our values of exposing the rarity and uniqueness of being a redhead in the world, while offering inspiration and driving empowerment to the redhead culture with our carefully curated collaborators and influencers.

Owen Janes

"Be authentic to yourself, as what you do to make you happy needs no permission from anyone else." Owen Janes

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