Kids are at the heart of Authentic Ginger

- it’s why we got started in the first place! We wanted to create something just for our Authentic Ginger community's kids and so it’s here! A newsletter just for them! 

We've been working like busy little elves so that you don't have to! This newsletter is for parents, grandparents, but especially - our authentic kids. The holidays mean family, whether that’s with your extended family or a cozy Christmas at home (yay covid). The times spent with your kids are going to be the best times! We’ve put together a package of activities that both parents and kids are sure to love over the Holidays..



Hand drawn illustrations in easy to print format! Rules can be found in our downloadable PDF!

Carrot & Pea

Summary: Colin is tall. He’s orange. He's a carrot! He’s nothing like Lee, a round green pea. He can’t do any of the things Lee and his pea pals can do. How can Colin and Lee ever be friends? A charming celebration of embracing differences and standing out in a crowd.


So many good books are out there! We wanted to share a few of our favourites. Remember to visit your local libraries to find these titles! A good book isn’t far away and doesn’t have to be bought! Though links are provided by a local small bookstore!

Stella, Queen of the Snow

“This is a charming story of successful sibling mentoring, simply but effectively told. Gay's line-and-watercolor illustrations flow across double-page spreads and complement both the humor and the message of the tale."
-- School Library Journal

Level 1 Origami


Everyone likes a  little spice! And this one will make your house smell so!

AUTHENTIC KIDS ~ bringing joy, fun, and quality time! 
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