Authentic Ginger Podcast


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Welcome to the Authentic Ginger Podcast where we expose the rarity and uniqueness on being a redhead in the world today!

The Authentic Ginger Podcast is just another medium for us as a brand to connect with inspiring redheads globally and to expose compelling stories from our guests, to educate the masses about the culture, and to bring the much needed awareness, inspiration and empowerment it deserves.

"Our podcast is meant to be a fun, energizing experience for both our guests and listeners alike. We will talk about the culture directly, fun facts, "gingers in the news", and keep up on trending stories!"

Join Tosh Taylor and Darin Roche (Owner of Authentic Ginger) as we deliver weekly episodes available on all your favourite podcast apps, or by clicking this link below, welcome to the conversation Ginger Nation!




Listen here!

Authentic Ginger Podcast is produced by the Podcast Hub

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