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We are Sheva and Darin, husband and wife and proud parents. We are a big family, with big dreams! We have three girls Aria, Mila and Raiyah who are our three darling Gingers. You thought that was a lot of redheads? We also have a son, Michael, and he is a red head too!

Now that’s a lot of Gingers in one household! They each have their own distinct personalities and imaginative minds and have been the inspiration and drive behind everything that we do. We are both savvy entrepreneurs, always striving to create time freedom so that we can savour these precious years with our children and spend quality time together as a family.

So naturally, in keeping with the theme of what is most important to us, we couldn’t think of a better idea than to create a family business that incorporates our four Gingers and leaves a legacy behind for them to carry on but most importantly, we wanted to create a brand that would reach all of the Gingers across the globe. And so it was born…Authentic Ginger Clothing Co.   

We believe in being authentically proud of who you are, while celebrating all of the uniqueness and rarity that comes with being a Ginger. It is important to us that we show our children that they are special, that it’s cool to be different and we hope that our kids and all of the Gingers out there in the world can embrace their individuality and be bold with originality.

Authentic Ginger Clothing Co. is not just our family business, it is a community, and we are happy to call Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada home!

Our clothing is made of thread that unites Gingers across the globe, together with one unified message:




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