Things You Didn’t Know Before You Had A Redhead Baby

So you’re a new parent to a beautiful ginger baby? First of all - congratulations and welcome to the redhead family! Before your little one entered the world, you probably imagined that having a baby with ginger hair would be no different than having any other regular newborn…wrong. Having a redhead baby is truly a unique experience, and we bet you didn’t know the following interesting facts that parents of blonde and brunette children simply don’t understand!

Invest in a Really Good Sunscreen

Red hair is most often accompanied by the most delicate fair skin which you will want to protect from the sun at all costs. Redheads are known to have a reduced level of melanin, which in turn, makes them more likely to burn in extended periods of sunlight, and may cause long term damage to the skin. Remember that even on cloudy days, harmful UV rays from the sun are still a threat and it can only take 10 minutes without wearing sunscreen to burn!

We would recommend using a sunscreen which contains at least 30 SPF or higher, and to choose a shady spot when outdoors if possible. You will also have to re-apply sunscreen to your baby at least every half hour, and even more often if they will be playing in the water.

Be prepared for Endless compliments/Hair Touching

Now that we have the serious stuff out the way, let us discuss how much admiration and attention your baby is going to get simply because of their radiant ginger locks. Due to the fact that ginger hair is only found in around 1-2% of the population, most people aren’t used to seeing ginger babies on a daily basis, and they will be in awe of yours!

Don’t be surprised if your baby becomes the centre of compliments in every conversation with your friends and family, and in fact with complete strangers! Take pride in knowing that your baby is one of a kind and beautiful in their own unique way.

Your Baby will Love these Disney Characters

Maybe you haven’t already noticed, so we are here to tell you that there is surprisingly large number of Disney characters who have red hair! To name just a few we have Princess Merida in Brave, Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, Blossom from The PowerPuff Girls, Anna and Hans from Frozen, and of course, Jessie from Toy Story!

Next time you are struggling to decide what movie to watch during family time, refer back to this list and your baby will grow up with these awesome redhead icons to aspire to!

As a redhead parent, could you relate to any of these particular points? Let us know in the comments section! Be sure to officially join the Authentic Ginger family today by subscribing to our newsletter, where you will get a first-hand look at articles like this one, and access to excusive discounts on our clothing range.


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