How to Support your Redhead Teen in Middle School

Here at Authentic Ginger, we celebrate all redheads - both young and old - across the globe. This is because we know how truly amazing it is to have ginger hair, as well as the fantastic benefits of standing out from the crowd. However, it is unfortunately quite common for children and teens to experience being picked on in school for having ginger hair. Therefore, we have created this article to help redhead parents cope with the challenges that middle school may present to your teen.

Teach them Self-Love and Affirmations

The greatest defence against high school bullies and mean girls, is self-confidence! Teach your teen that having red hair is a positive attribute and is something to be proud of. Encouraging your teen to practice self-care such as having a good skincare routine, regular exercise and healthy eating can help them to feel more positive about their appearance and generally improve their mental health.

The Authentic Ginger website is full of blogs dedicated to educating our followers on why they should be confident and proud about having red hair, and how you can complement it even more with clothing, makeup and the correct skincare.

Help them to Realise that Being Unique is Good Thing

Being unique and standing out from the crowd is an incredibly powerful tool that we usually only start to realise as we get older. Choosing to be different, rather than trying to conform to the “norm”, makes you more interesting, and completely irreplaceable. In the future it can even help you secure your dream job as it will aid you in standing out to potential employers and be more memorable. 

Encourage them to Get Involved with Social Groups

In the first few years of middle school it can be particularly difficult to make friends and feel as though your fit in with a particular group. Encouraging your teen to get involved with school clubs, sports, or extracurricular activities will help them to find other individuals who share the same passions and interests as themselves. Plus, this is also a great technique for building self-confidence and establishing important future life skills.

Remember, Bullying Should Never be Tolerated

Of course, many redheads will never have a problem with school, and it would not be right to assume every child will experience bullying in their lifetime. However, in the possibility that this does occur, this type of discrimination should never be tolerated.

If your teen is continuously picked on at school, the bullying becomes more serious or physical, or your teen shows a negative change in their mood or mental wellbeing as a result of school, you should quickly seek professional help from a teacher or school councilor.

As a redhead parent, do you have any more tips to help your redhead teen in middle school? Let us know in the comments section! Be sure to officially join the Authentic Ginger family today by subscribing to our newsletter, where you will get a first-hand look at articles like this one, and access to exclusive discounts on our clothing range.


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