Growing Up, by Taylor Freeman (@tay_the_ginger)

“If you have been following me for a while, then you know this photo is not my usual - it was out of my “comfort zone” to say the least. My social media has always been based on modesty, honesty and reality. I have never pretended to be someone that I am not. But I’m posting this photo to tell a story... of how I got here.

Growing up, I was a chunky, red headed, freckled face tomboy. Volleyball, softball and academics were my forte. Never once did I think I think I would grow up to be “pretty” or “skinny” but I was more than okay with that because my friends and family loved me for me.

There wasn’t a specific day I remember waking up and realizing the change into womanhood because I still feel like the little ginger tomboy inside to this day. I have had this Instagram account since 2015 and by simply posting this photo, I am opening up to the world to show everyone (and myself) that there comes a time in life when you are ready for change. The rollercoaster that is social media has taken me down many avenues, opened many doors and closed others - but more than anything it has developed me into the woman I am today.

I have navigated from a little tomboy to a modest young adult and now I am ready for the next step in life - “womanhood”. My biggest dream is to be a wife, mother and someone who gives back to society and my family in all ways possible. Change is good. Growing up is necessary. Vulnerability is unavoidable. This image exemplifies all of those things with the black&white, uncharacteristic styling and the skin exposure. Here I am. Take me for who I am as I continue down this crazy path they call life because tomorrow is never promised.”

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