Clothes That Look Good With Red Hair

Ok, you have red hair, you’re a ginger, fantastic!  Really, it is!  You are unique, special and rare!  In fact, you are 1 out of 271,000,000 redheads in this world!  As you plan each day on what to wear, how often do you think about your hair colour and what clothes looks best with it?  Well, we are going to share with you clothes that look good with red hair!

First, we need to consider black as a colour of choice, pants or a top give red hair a glow that is sure to shine!  Silver is another colour that is a neutral metal look. Browns of all shades compliment your hair colour as well. Emerald and teal greens are a sure hit, your hair will love you for it! Last but certainly not least we feel that blues create stunning looks!  

If you have colours in mind that you think go great with your red hair, send them along in the comments section!

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