Authentic Ginger "Ambassador Emily"

Emily from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

What does it mean to me to be a “ginger”? Growing up it never really meant much, other than the fact that it made me different. I would constantly receive comments pertaining to my hair colour, so I started to believe that that was all people noticed about me, was the colour of my hair, instead of other traits I believed to be more important! As the only redhead in my immediate family, and usually the only redhead in my classes, I stood out. I remember wishing I had blonde hair like my friends or black hair like my sister, because they were allowed to do fun things like put dye in their hair! But not me, my mother always said; “You can’t get that colour in a bottle Em”. As a fiery redhead that never sat well with me.

However, I was privileged enough to have a strong redheaded role model to look up to; my grandmother, whom I inherited the colour from. My family in general always taught me to be proud of the uniqueness but it wasn’t until a little later in life that I really appreciated being a ginger, for what it was. I now see it as another way in which to connect with people, whether it be a stranger who just has to tell me a story about a specific ginger that they know, or a wonderful opportunity such as Authentic Ginger Clothing Co. , giving me the chance to connect with redheads around the world to share our stories. We are all vastly different yet seem to share very similar stories of growing up ginger, some good and some bad but at the very least we now have this network to engage with and sometimes support others who may have not fully embraced their fire yet. Being a ginger doesn’t have to be the entirety of who you are but it should definitely give you a reason, amongst many others, to be proud of who you are.

Now that I am an adult I have no plans of altering my colour, not only because I appreciate the rarity of it, but because my mother and grandmother will still not let me. If anyone reading this can take away anything from it, I hope it is to embrace your natural beauty because no two people are exactly alike, our similarities and even our differences should unite and empower us to be who we truly are. So I guess that is what being a “ginger” has meant to me, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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