Authentic Ginger "Ambassador Elisabeth"

 Elisabeth from Lagendorf, Switzerland

I’m turning fifty-four this year... And I’m very happy to still have my long red hair! It’s rather a chestnut-coloured red, not much turning grey or white yet. A big advantage regarding the spendings at the hairdresser according to my girlfriends .

Growing up, being a ginger wasn’t much fun. I was bullied for it on my way to school, being called a red haired monkey. I was a shy little girl and didn’t like to stand out at all so I suffered a lot. I wished to be blond, or, later on, dark-haired with brown eyes, able to tan in summer. I also didn’t like much my freckles and my green eyes.

Turning maybe fourteen, I finally realized that being a redhead could also have some positive impacts. Strangers asked me at the hairdresser which colour had been used to dye my hair. I got compliments from my girlfriends... Wow! I became a bit more self-confident, obviously not only blondes had fun on this planet . As soon as I got to know that in the USA freckles are called angel kisses, I started to like mine. Hey, standing out could also be great!

When I was eighteen years old, I got to know my future husband. Though he’s got brown hair, he also carries the red gene. Our first child was born when I was twenty-nine. A beautiful girl.... With light red curls and freckles ! Her hair is brighter than mine and so are her green eyes. I’m so happy the beautiful gift of being ginger inherited from my mother lives on in my girl and I hope she’s as happy with it as I am. To make our family of four complete (the ginger girl got a cute little brown- haired brother), we are the servants of two cats. Guess what? A red and a brown tabby cat! No surprise the ginger has got a very special character, too .

I never used any colour to dye my hair. It is part of my personality and I’m proud of it as well as of my fiery temper. My son being little made me the most beautiful compliment, saying my hair had the colour of caramel. Do I have to mention hes fond of caramel ?

Whenever I come across another ginger, I feel a special bond. Looking shortly at each other.... Yes, we have something rare in common. Being an authentic ginger. No matter if its auburn, copper red, fiery red... you can dye your hair red but youll never be a ginger inside .

Of course its not about the outer appearance in life. But being a ginger is special, a rarity. So if ever youre part of that community.... Stay ginger. Outside and inside .


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