Authentic Ginger "Ambassador Hudson"

Hudson C. - Duchess, Alberta, Canada

Hudson is a beautiful, determined, loveable 6-year-old red head. Hudson is the only child that has red hair in our immediate family. We live in Alberta, but I originate from Cape Breton, NS. Raising a red head in a small town in Alberta has been like raising a unicorn. Everywhere we go, without fail, we get “where does his red hair come from?” Both myself and Hudson’s father have brown hair and his brother has light brown hair, so of course that would be the first question anyone would ask. Then is followed by the grandma’s and grandpa’s reminiscing about their red hair back in the day or how their children had red hair. It always becomes the most genuine conversation and we love every minute of it. Hudson’s hair comes from his east coast roots and from his father’s dad’s side as well. He is the perfect mix of both his mom and dad’s roots. A perfect combination. Hudson has the most beautiful color of red hair. When asked, Hudson will say, “I’m rare mommy.” At first Hudson would shy away from anyone that would ask about his hair. Now he notices when people do not mention it and is then left feeling like they should have. Hudson’s red hair is his badge of honor. I have never seen any other color quite like his. 

I was worried about him starting school as he was not a fan of his red hair in the beginning. He was more embarrassed by it. But then he met another friend, coincidentally named Hudson as well, with red hair. He is a year older than him but they are good buddies. They teamed up and now have this feeling of confidence and pride as they walk down the hallways, secretly giving each other the “I got you” nod. 

As many people initially believe that all redheads are “fiery” and “fierce,” our Hudson certainly is not. He is the most mild-tempered, well mannered, empathetic little boy and we love him fiercely! 

Hudson’s red hair is his badge of honor. He wears it proudly. He will put up a fight whenever he needs to go for a haircut. He wants to protect it and would rather not cut it…ever. 

Hudson is one cool kid with one cool head of hair. He is authentic. He is one of a kind. We are so blessed that he is our son. 

Photo Credit (landing page, and below) Ashley MacIsaac Photography

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