5 Amazing Beauty Benefits of Ginger Hair

Being a redhead isn’t just about having beautiful hair - it can actually be super beneficial to other aspects of our lives and appearance that we wouldn’t normally think about. If you haven’t already fallen in love with your ginger hair, then Authentic Ginger we are here to help! In this article we will be outlining five unique beauty benefits to being a redhead!

You have Flawless Skin

Not only do you have vibrant, fiery locks but you also have beautiful, super fair “snow white” skin that will produce high frequencies of vitamin D without the need for harmful sun-beds or sunbathing.

This will nourish your skin, heal imperfections quickly, and will ultimately keep you looking youthful and healthy in the long run! How lucky are you?

You Get Adorable Freckles in the Sun

Have you seen that Instagram trend going around where influencers and celebrities are painting fake freckles on their face? Or even having a complete disaster trying to create realistic freckles with henna and ending up looking like a Dalmatian?

Well, the good news is that you don’t have this issue! In the sun most redheads naturally get cute freckles which are so sought after in the beauty world.

You have Magic Anti-Aging Genes

Due to the lower levels of eumelanin in their bodies, redheads actually produce their own perfect vitamin D levels without the use of supplements or excessive sunlight. Vitamin D can prevent a range of long term health conditions and illness such as rickets, muscle pain, and arthritis, as well as being beneficial to our metabolism.

Additionally, vitamin D is fundamental to skin health as it aids in the re-growth of cells when we have cuts or acne, and prevents skin from aging prematurely.

No Need for Hair dye!

Red hair is said to be one of the most difficult colors to recreate in the salon, and most of the time it is almost impossible to make it look natural and have the same vivid, multi-tonal qualities as natural redheads.

Red hair dye also fades super quickly and leaves your shower looking like a scene from Psycho after most washes. Not to mention how much money you can spend to keep it maintained. Luckily for you - you already have red hair and it will stay a dazzling scarlet for almost your entire life!

Your Makeup Looks Pop!

Redheads can pull off just about any makeup look, and your hair gives the look that little bit extra Hollywood glamour and dynamic color scheme. Those with ginger hair look fabulous in bold eyeshadow looks of blues, purples and even green hues, as well as being able to transform into a sultry goddess with a simple brown smokey eye.

Makeup artists to the stars Lisa Eldridge and Mary Greenwell completed one of my favourite natural everyday looks on a redhead, which really compliments her skin tone and accentuates her natural beauty. You can watch that tutorial here.

We hope that this article has inspired you to stand out, be proud of who you are, and embrace what makes you “authentically Ginger”. Be sure to join the AG family today by subscribing to our newsletter, and you will get a firsthand look at articles like this one and access to excusive discounts for our clothing range.

Lisa Eldridge makeup tutorial


Article by: Cara Lennie (@marketingwithcara)

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